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ARMONIA is a box made up of a soul and a cover.
The generous button is operated by gripping the box in various positions.
Its shape makes it extremely functional and ergonomic and can be used both with the right hand and with the left hand.

It is equipped with a Dicodes BF60 circuit or the DNA 60 circuit

The contacts of the 18650 battery (not included) are made of beryllium copper and are handcrafted.

The cover is removable towards the bottom.

It is not possible to use ARMONIA without the cover!

All the covers are hand-treated and being handcrafted they take the images depicted in the finishes section, without ever being a copy and each cover will be unique!
Being a craftsman and not producing in stock, delivery times are usually one week / ten days, but in any case it will never be more than three weeks.
Material: Pa12
Self-adjusting cup
Dicodes BF60 or DNA 60 circuit with USB
Contacts: beryllium copper
Battery: 18650 (not included)
Measurements: 22 (24) x 43 x 80 mm
Weight: 48 grams