Welcome! You start with passion and you can continue with enthusiasm, only if this magical inner strength does not abandon us.. We can do great things with nothing and feel better about how events have changed us.. We can fall, get hurt and believe that everything can end, but if we have clear motivation that makes us alive, we will never die….. We may be wrong, but we have an obligation for those who believe in us and for ourselves to try to make it right.. We can look back to understand what we have left behind, but then looking forward to resume our journey.. We are the evolution of ourselves!. Federico

The Cover

You can decide whether to be unique or be many.

You can decide how to show yourself and how to hide.

You can feel absolutely you.

You can choose!

Make your Mia

MIA is composed of the soul that is charcoal black and the cover that can vary in shape and size.


Every object comes to life from our ideas.

Random thoughts

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